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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Trust Issues

Its been a while since the last time I posted something on this blog site. I've been very busy this past years and the recent turn of events inspired me to post something.

Ok, I'm going to ask a simple question about Trust.

If your closest friends betrayed you, as in BETRAYED you, will you forgive them? Moreover trust them again?

I'll give you a situation, you have girlfriend and currently you're having an issue because someone has been texting her ~ courting her. One day you had a talk and you believed that everything is clear. When you left, the guy texted her if they can meet. She agreed wondering if the guy was real, she even asked her "friends" (your friend as well) if she should meet her on a date.

In short, your girlfriend went out on a date while you were surfing the net doing your thesis. The greatest sucker was your supposed "friends" were with her ~ going nuts and kilig when the guy gave your girlfriend a flower and treated them at semi-high end restaurant. Another sucker is that they declared to the world that they "like" the guys. FUCKERS. They even did a private chat on Facebook regarding the guy.

Ok, if you're the boyfriend, what will you do?

In my own opinion, the friends DONT RESPECT the girl's boyfriend. I mean, if they were really friends, somehow they corrected the girl's impulsive decision (maturity issues comes in.) You see, if you're a real friend you're supposed to offer CORRECTION and do not TOLERATE any wrong decisions or actions. Respect is different from BEING AFRAID TO BE CAUGHT UP IN A FIREFIGHT OR ISSUE because the end result will always be the same. You'll get blamed because you didn't do what you're expected to do.

And please, avoid imbecile posts in Facebook. Its a no brainer when you know you're friends with the boyfriend you cheered for the other guy.


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